Gundam 00 Season 2 Ep. 1

Posted On October 6, 2008

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So season 2 of Gundam 00 has begun and to be honest, I wasn’t particularly thrilled about it. The first season just didn’t really capture my attention the way past Gundam series did. It was too…. generic. There was no epic mech battle in the first episode (Gundam Wing), no super cool unveiling of a humanoid superweapon (Gundam Seed), no fast and catchy OP (Gundam Wing), and most dissapointingly, no evil dude (Gundam Seed). At some point after watching a bit of the show, I even began to think Celestial Being were the bad dudes (omg, they should have so done that). Come on! The four Gundams practically OWNED the floor with all their enemies in the goddamn beginning, or so it seemed. Now….please forgive my ranting of stupidity. Because…………………………………….


the Gundam 00 S2 is awesome!! Well, at least the first episode was.  

Don't no who she is....but this show seriously needs a tough female ninja-y character

Yay, the confused albino looking girl is back. Here's towards her not being so confused this time

Tieria, you bastard!!!!!!! You useless piece of shits!!! OOOOOOOO why are you back, you purple haired douche

Tieria, you bastard!!!!!!! You useless piece of shits!!! OOOOOOOO why are you back, you purple haired douche


So that's what happens when you remove its eyeshield.... you get a red flashing camera.... and why does it have a cloack. You're not human so don't act like it.

It has the EVIL eye/a red camera and the CLOAK of the wanderer....I have no idea why it has a cloack.

The red eye didn't do anything and the cloack didn't do anything. What a surpirise.

Here I am!!!!!!! drumroll.... the Panda Gundam.

Four years has had Louise a drug addict.





2 Responses to “Gundam 00 Season 2 Ep. 1”

  1. jayers

    Not trying to offend you in any way, but why would a series be generic if didn’t have epic mech battle, evil dude, and humanoid superweaponw? Are those all not generic elements of Gundam shows? So a show is generic for NOT having generic elements? I like the show too, your post contradicts itself….the English nerd inside of me need to tell you this….

  2. ptoss1

    jayers, i don’t think you’re getting the point
    probably because i didn’t express myself clearly enough (too lazy)
    I’m not saying season 1 was generic because of those things.
    im saying its generic because even wen it did have these Gundam norm elements, it didn’t improve on them

    ex. i felt the gundams weren’t as detailed as before and i dont think the artists were trying to think outside the box in their designs (if they did, they failed) exception: kyrios=awesome

    ex. evil dude=guy in the golden gundam? didn’t look too evil, maybe pissed off, but not antagonistic in a way that gave me goosebumps (seed and wing both have cool antagonists), he didnt really have a good background. family with a grudge and trying forever to take over a certain group. now where have heard that before? and where have we seen it done better?=too generic o god, turns out he was a setup for season 2 antagonist=waste of screen time=lack of good execution

    ex. i think gundam 00 tried to be a show where none of the opposing sides were THE bad force (the producers were trying something new), celestial being disturbing the world, the world sucking ass, the government focused on power, and all those people who dont want war but have to

    but this moral device wasn’t used sufficiently, confusing me to think gundams were bad guys, which is not right because in gundam shows, gundam organizations are protagonists

    this element was done wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better in code geass

    result: gundam 00 felt like ….the good of all things gundam cut in half and all things about morality in geass cut into…. tiny pieces

    equals: generic

    in short: the new plot wasn’t interesting wen the producers tried to make it interesting,
    they should have retained the good parts of the gundam series (cool suits and battles and intense situations)

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