Gundam 00 S2-Innovators?

Hmmmmm. Just noticed something very interesting.

Two green hairs, two red hears, one purple hair and Tieria equals 2 purple hairs, and one light purple hair. Does anyone see a pattern? Where’s the last one? Are they (the unaging robots) the Innovators?


Gears of War Cancelled….:(

Posted On October 8, 2008

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I’m close to tears right now. It has been announced that Gears of War 2 will not be coming to the PC! NOT! How can this be? Well, it turns out the developers have gotten so pissed off about pirating, that they have just decided to forego the PC route and stick with the Xbox 360. Since I don’t nearly have enough money to buy an Xbox 360, not to mention how my mom would feel if I did (my family is poor), I will NEVER be able play Gears of War 2. Goodbye, Gears of War marathon. At least I can still play Gears of War:). Oops, the disc broke and, what a coincidence, I uninstalled it from my computer to clear some harddrive space. Now I have to buy another copy. I take a bus to the local London Drugs, walk to the electronics section, pick up a copy, and go to the counter. The employee there asks for proof of my ID because of the M rating….Oh….wait a sec….I can’t buy it because IM NOT FUCKING 17 yet. The horror! Time for my last resort: my mom. “No, son. You aren’t gonna buy some crappy ass game you’re gonna get bored of in an hour or two (Hellgate London). Don’t you dare spend my money on crap, you crap assed son of mine….” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Gundam 00 Season 2 Ep. 1

Posted On October 6, 2008

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So season 2 of Gundam 00 has begun and to be honest, I wasn’t particularly thrilled about it. The first season just didn’t really capture my attention the way past Gundam series did. It was too…. generic. There was no epic mech battle in the first episode (Gundam Wing), no super cool unveiling of a humanoid superweapon (Gundam Seed), no fast and catchy OP (Gundam Wing), and most dissapointingly, no evil dude (Gundam Seed). At some point after watching a bit of the show, I even began to think Celestial Being were the bad dudes (omg, they should have so done that). Come on! The four Gundams practically OWNED the floor with all their enemies in the goddamn beginning, or so it seemed. Now….please forgive my ranting of stupidity. Because…………………………………….


the Gundam 00 S2 is awesome!! Well, at least the first episode was.  

Don't no who she is....but this show seriously needs a tough female ninja-y character

Yay, the confused albino looking girl is back. Here's towards her not being so confused this time

Tieria, you bastard!!!!!!! You useless piece of shits!!! OOOOOOOO why are you back, you purple haired douche

Tieria, you bastard!!!!!!! You useless piece of shits!!! OOOOOOOO why are you back, you purple haired douche


So that's what happens when you remove its eyeshield.... you get a red flashing camera.... and why does it have a cloack. You're not human so don't act like it.

It has the EVIL eye/a red camera and the CLOAK of the wanderer....I have no idea why it has a cloack.

The red eye didn't do anything and the cloack didn't do anything. What a surpirise.

Here I am!!!!!!! drumroll.... the Panda Gundam.

Four years has had Louise a drug addict.